The Whisky Word

The Whisky Word
07 Mar 2013

Sam Simmons - What is this?

This is not a blog.

No way, I refuse.

Yes, blogging contributed to landing a dream job like this, but a job like this also inadvertently killed my blog.

And I loved my blog. And I loved blogging.

So with Dr. Whisky dormant (dead?), and with literally over a hundred blogs providing very similar content to what I used to provide, I thought we could start something new here. I still need an avenue for some of the things that happen in the life of The Balvenie Global Ambassador, and people ask me about it all the time, so this will be somewhere to share experiences, distillery info and industry news, Balvenie event details, opinions, questions, everything and anything goes.

Right now I am enjoying the new Johnnie Walker Platinum 18yo and I want to tell you this so we are clear about one thing going forward: all of the words and opinions contained here will be 100% my own (unless, of course, otherwise stated) until we run out of things to talk about, the server explodes, or I am fired.

Other Recent News

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A Little Potted History of the Dipping Dog

In days gone by, the Dipping Dog would have been employed by thirsty employees at the distillery to pilfer whisky by lowering the cylinder into the cask. On retrieving it, its canny owner would have secured his haul by tightly sealing the opening with a cork.

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The Intelligent Hand

It is no news that craftsmanship is at the heart of The Balvenie’s ethos. It permeates everything we do, from the whisky we make to the craftspeople we work with around the world. We remain determined to preserve traditional whisky-making methods even as our scale changes and technologies advance all around us. This is what film-maker James Rogan witnessed when he came up to the distillery to create a film around David Stewart’s 50 years with William Grant & Sons a few years ago.

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Sam Simmons - Who Drinks Whisky (Part 2: Age)

When I first got into whisky, I was 26 years old. There had been plenty of Gibsons and Ginger Ales before that, but when I moved to Scotland, whisky stormed into my life in a real way. It feels like a long time ago... I had a full (?) head of hair. I had a student loan. I had two part time jobs. I was not targeted by whisky marketing. Or was I?

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Sam Simmons - Who Drinks Whisky (Part 1: Intro)

Whisky is for rich people Women don’t drink whisky. Whisky is for old men. Japan/China/someone-far-away-about-whom-I-know-very-little is drinking all our Scotch. But let’s start at something at least slightly closer to truth...

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Sam Simmons - Don't Ask, Triple Cask

Although most of us are reluctant to admit it, we weren’t always as talented as we are now. No, at one time or another we each spent time practicing.

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